Big Things In Small Packages

Missy —  November 5, 2013 — 1 Comment


When I find something that I really love and enjoy I get very passionate about it. I love to talk about heavy lifting and strength training, especially for women. That’s why sometimes when I’m talking about what I’ve been doing in the gym or my last powerlifting meet, I get the response “I can’t believe you do that, you’re so tiny.” That small frame has earned me a few nicknames in the gym from our trainer Jim, one of those being “Mighty Mouse.” That one’s my favorite. But the fact that I get those responses makes me question why on earth do women still feel like they can’t do any kind of heavy lifting?

This leads me to the next response I hear most often,“There’s no way I could do that.” So of course, my response is always “why not?” I have heard all the popular reasons: I have kids, I work too much, I would feel guilty if I did something for myself, I don’t want to be bulky and look like a man, I just don’t have time, or even my body would never be able to do that. I get it, it’s hard to fit in a little time for yourself and not feel like you’ve taken time from someone or something else. I have a family and I work full-time and yes, at times I do feel guilty about spending some time on myself. But believe me when I tell you that it is beyond worth it. Not only are you doing something good for your body, but it also sets an example for the rest of the family about how important taking care of yourself is. My son has even taken an interest in what I’ve been doing.

Powerlifting or just plain strength training is one of those areas where it is not body type specific. What I mean by this is that absolutely anyone can do it! Any body type has the potential to strength train or powerlift. It can be modified to be specific for whatever your needs are. The benefits to it are amazing. For instance, building muscle mass burns fat, not to mention it increases bone density. Who doesn’t wasn’t to decrease their risk of osteoporosis? Since beginning strength training I’ve experienced that you can accomplish so much more in a shorter period of time. As Jim always says,”train smarter, not harder.”

All of us Miss Fits started out with the small things. We started out with small weights and eventually just got stronger over time. Did you hear that…we got stronger! And yet none of us look “bulky.” I remember when I thought that squatting with a 40 pound kettle bell was awesome (and yes, it still is). I honestly just did this the other day as part of a conditioning work out. And it totally kicked my butt! Roughly after almost two years of conditioning with weights and heavy lifting I don’t look bulky or manly, hence the reason people still seemed to be shocked that I do this I guess. That just proves that there is such diversity among the weight lifting arena.




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  1. Way to go!! On my way to being a heavy lifter, going to buy more weights tomorrow! You guys are an inspiration, I only wish I had a group like yours where I live.

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