Better After Baby

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Guest post written by Miss Fits’ friend and teammate, Beth Scott.

Wow! I’m so excited and beyond honored that The Miss Fits have invited me as a guest blogger! Does this make me famous now? But, really, The Miss Fits are the and it has been nothing but a privilege to get to know them as I have ventured on this power-lifting journey!

So, where do I even begin? Well, let’s start with this sweet face. Can it get any cuter than that people?

Kidding. But not really. This little gal is by far my most prized possession and greatest accomplishment. Her name is Karter, she is 18 months old, and she is my daughter! She has brought SO much joy, SO much happiness, and has introduced me to a type of love that I had no idea even existed (all you other mommas out there know exactly what I’m talking about!).

The first three months of motherhood was definitely the hardest for me. Shoot – everyday of motherhood is difficult! Parenthood in general presents different challenges on a daily basis, but those first several months of her life sure were difficult. Between juggling breastfeeding, sleepless nights, schedules, returning to work, and simply processing the fact that even a simple trip to Target has to be strategically planned, working out can quickly become your very last priority.

A few months after having Karter I came across this quote somewhere on social media. It was one of those quotes that just really resonated and came to me at the perfect time.

 “One day, your daughter will talk to herself the way you talk to you”.

 photo 2Wow. How crazy and true is this? As soon as I read this I knew I needed to change some things about myself, especially the way I treated myself. You see, I’m one of those individuals (like many other women of the world), who has constantly struggled with my body image. Negative self-talk, the picking a part of my body, the guilt and shame after a missed workout would fill my mind incessantly. Obviously, this is not good or healthy. And I knew that. But, for whatever reason I felt like it was OK for me to do it, but when it came to thinking that my beautiful baby would some time soon over hear these negativities and words of self-hate, I was instantly motivated in a new way. I knew I NEVER wanted Karter to ever feel like she wasn’t good enough, or didn’t “look good” enough, or participate in the demeaning behaviors that I had in my past. I want her to ALWAYS, ALWAYS feel as beautiful as she is to me. While I realize this is a very unrealistic task, given the society we live in today where the media has completely warped the concept of beauty, however, I know that she needs a “healthy “ influence, day in and out of her life to model health and happiness.

After that, my entire motivation for training in the gym changed. I no longer simply wanted to train just for myself, but for Karter. I soon became a bit more serious about my training. I signed up for some semi-private sessions with Jim (our coach) and focused more on strength training. Strength training didn’t just do amazing things for my body, but made me so much more confident, and after each workout, I would leave feeling proud of myself.

After a few months of focused strength training, Jim asked me if I would be interested in competing in the Powerlifting meet. I knew this was a perfect opportunity to continue my journey in health and body acceptance, and most importantly, an opportunity for me to better myself for my baby.

Yes, training definitely took deliberate scheduling and planning for finding someone to watch Karter during training sessions. (I’m BEYOND thankful for a very supportive family.) And, yes it did take some time away from her (I also work full-time). However, the beautiful thing about strength training is that you don’t have to train every single day or for hours on end. I trained 2-3 times per week for around an hour. There were also times when I would have to miss training; too, because Karter was either sick or babysitting plans fell through. But, that’s parenthood. Things will always come up where your plans need to change and that’s okay. We can only do the best we can.

In closing, for all you new mamas: YES! YOU CAN DO THIS. You can train, you can become stronger, and YES you can compete in a powerlifting meet! Yes, it’s hard. It can be difficult, and it definitely won’t be perfect. And yes, I do spend time away from my baby to train. BUT, at the end of the day, IT’S ALL FOR HER. She needs me, HER MOM, to set the standard to what it means to be healthy, happy, STRONG, accepting and confident. And while all of these qualities definitely won’t happen overnight for either her or myself, I know that I’m closer than I’ve ever been.

photo 2

Meet results: squat 214, bench 110 and deadlift 275


photo 3

It was a great day for myself and the other first time competitors including my training partners, Brittany and Leah.





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    Loved it Beth!!! AWESOME JOB GIRL!!

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