Bad to the Bone

KimK —  September 3, 2013 — 6 Comments

Feeling like a badass in the gym has helped to boost my confidence and self-esteem. And lifting weights makes me feel like a badass. The sense of satisfaction I feel after pushing or pulling heavy poundage just makes me feel good.

I think it’s the first activity that’s been really healthy for me both mentally and physically. Others have turned into unhealthy pursuits of perfection, leaving me drained and unhappy, not to mention sucking the enjoyment out of what was once fun. Of course, my perfectionist side still whispers to me at the gym, but I’m able to keep it in check and bring it back to reality. That has allowed me to continue enjoying lifting and to find some of that self-confidence I’ve been searching for.

Here are some other badass benefits of lifting:

  1. I’m still lifting while pregnant.
  2. Feeling the “pump,” as Arnold Schwarzenegger called it, after a good workout.
  3. The ability to do more for myself in everyday life because of my improved strength.
  4. Seeing the results in the mirror and in photographs.
  5. Knowing that I’m paving the way for still being a badass in my golden years.*
  6. Knowing that I’ll be able to set my daughter on a path of health and strength from the beginning.
  7. Finally coming to the realization that there is no perfection in life, particularly when it comes to the human body, and learning to be OK with that.
  8. Feeling better about myself naked, although that one is still a work in progress. But, I do have to say that I feel really good about the way I look in pregnancy. I’m proud of my body and actually feel sexy as a strong mama to be!*
  9. The fact that I don’t have to run for miles or work out every day to feel like I’m staying fit, and knowing that a fitness program like that is actually counterproductive. Yay! No more treadmill!*****
  10. Realizing that the super-skinny body I used to strive for is no longer a healthy goal, or even attractive. Bring on the lean, defined musculature!

*These are particularly awesome benefits! (Can you tell I don’t care for running?)

So, now I want to know, what about your health and fitness lifestyle helps you feel like a badass?

The deadlift in particular makes me feel like a badass. As of right now, I'm still lifting 135 pounds while six months pregnant. How is that not badass? Note the coolest socks ever!

The deadlift in particular makes me feel like a badass. As of right now, I’m still lifting 135 pounds while six months pregnant (which I can do because of my good trainer and because I was doing it before I got pregnant). How is that not badass? Note the coolest socks ever!



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6 responses to Bad to the Bone

  1. Oh, yes! Dead lifting is such a confidence builder. It leaves me walking around the remainer of the day with my chest up, shoulders squared and mood soaring. Weekly I’m amazed at how great weight lifting has and continues to change my body, and I’m only training two days per week. Oh how I wish I had been bitten by this training bug during my pregnancies. Keep up the stellar work, you badass momma : )

  2. KimK

    Thanks, tmice! I too wish I could have found lifting earlier in life. But, honestly, I probably wouldn’t have been ready for it. And I’m just glad I discovered it when I did. It’s never too late! I’m so glad it’s had some great effects on your life too.

  3. KimK

    Ha ha ha! Those are pretty cool, Janice!

    And thanks!

  4. ROCK IT MAMA! 🙂 Seriously, that is awesome. I’ve never wanted to work out MORE than since I’ve been pregnant. Of course, I wasn’t in a routine beforehand so – as you hint – it isn’t the best idea. I’ve been enjoying prenatal yoga and other strengthening exercises and looking forward to working out more once our sweet little girl is here! Very inspiring, Kim!

  5. KimK

    Thanks, Victoria! And it sounds like you’re doing great. Yoga is really good. I like walking too!

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