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I’ll admit it, of all the Miss Fits I tend to be the one who is most scattered, unorganized, and always rushing last minute to finish (or even start, for that matter) a blog post.  Procrastination is a trait I’ve struggled with since high school and it continues to haunt me through my adulthood.  It just might be one of my least favorite traits about myself and yet as hard as I try to overcome it, I just can’t.  The procrastination and lack of pre-planning and organization only get worse when I have a lot going on.  These last few months have been filled with a lot of changes and busy events. Not to mention my mind is preoccupied with endless “to do” lists in order to get ready for our baby’s arrival in just a few short weeks!  Today is no different than any other.  It’s my turn to post a blog and my mind is blank.  There.  I’ve said it.  My name is Anne and I’m a procrastinator and I’m drawing a blank on a blog post.  Although I’ve continued to workout throughout this pregnancy my workouts clearly are not what they used to be.  I don’t have much exciting news from inside the gym and really the only thing on my mind recently is baby.  So, that’s all I can think to write about.  Baby related topics.

With my pregnancy coming to an end it’s a bittersweet feeling.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a very healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, probably easy in comparison to what a lot of people go through.  It’s an experience unlike anything I could have imagined and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to feel my daughter growing and thriving inside of me.  On the other hand, I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore.  I want to put socks on without grunting and getting out of breath.  As much as I thought elastic waist maternity pants would be so awesome and comfortable, I am dying to put on a pair of pants that button!  The list of things that I won’t miss about pregnancy is a long one.  What I will miss is the bond that only I have with my daughter right now.  Obviously I cannot wait to meet her and for the world to meet her, but right now it’s just me and her.  I’m the only one privy to her every move and I don’t have to share her with anyone.  That’s pretty awesome.  Also, people just love pregnant women.  It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.  You get adoring looks everywhere you go from both men and women.  People just want to know about you and your baby, what you’re having, and does she have a name.  In the eyes of others, pregnant women are special creatures with magical powers, kind of like a unicorn…..I’ll have to agree.

Now that I’m officially in my ninth month of pregnancy my workouts have really started to slow down.  When I do make it to the gym it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated throughout the workout.  My rest periods between sets are longer and sometimes I just need to sit for a few minutes before continuing.  It’s been a couple of months since I deadlifted, the growing belly definitely became an issue.  It was possible to sumo deadlift even with a significant bump, but for me it just became uncomfortable and I eventually decided to forego the deadlifts altogether.  Squats have continued to feel comfortable and I usually include them in all of my workouts.  Hopefully that will pay off in the end when it’s time to have this baby.  Other lower body exercises I almost always include are glute-ham raises, single leg glute-bridges (without chain), and step-ups.   Since my workouts occur less frequently these days I generally do a mixture of upper and lower body exercises within each workout rather than have upper and lower days.  Upper body exercises I’ve focused on have been lat pull-downs, band pull-a-parts, inclined dumbbell press, and triceps extensions.  Some core stability work will sometimes include pallof presses or half-kneeling chops.  I always include a lot of foam rolling and stretching at the start of my workout.  At this point, the stretching is my favorite part.

Getting my squat on, somewhere around 30 weeks pregnant.

Getting my squat on, somewhere around 30 weeks pregnant.

As far as my plans for post baby recovery, I haven’t thought too long or hard about it.  I do know that I’m not going to stress over losing baby weight immediately.  I plan to savor everyday with my little one and once I have the all clear to get back into the gym I will.  I’m hoping to get back into a three day a week workout routine, all depending on how much sleep I’m getting and my ability to physically make it to the gym without a baby in tow.  Like Jen mentioned in her recent blog post, having a great coach takes the brain work out of the planning for us.  We just show up and do what we’re told and reap the benefits.  I trust Jim whole heartedly and I plan to let him guide me through my recovery and journey back to lifting heavy.  In the meantime, during the first few weeks after baby’s arrival I plan to take it easy, sleep whenever I can, eat a nutritious and nourishing diet and hope that breastfeeding melts away pounds like I’ve heard it will.  I have missed my old workouts and continue to have lift envy when I watch my fellow Miss Fits train.  I was even a bit jealous of the glute-bridges with chain Tabata they did the other night.  It looked brutal, but sometimes I miss that burn!  My sights are still on the next powerlifting meet in May.  Whatever my progress is by then I’m just going to be excited to be there and to be lifting heavy, even if I’m not setting PR’s.



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  1. First, I commend you on doing your workouts throughout your pregnancy. It will definitely help with the delivery and should make it an easy one.

    I have just started reading about you amazing ladies and wish that I had done something like that when I was younger. I have battled my weight my whole life and at 63 want to once again attack this fat with a vengence. I am starting a weight loss program on January 8th at the HMR (UK) Facility in Lexington. I already started back on the treadmill yesterday to build up before I go on the liquid diet. I did this diet in my late 30’s when I picked up extra weight and got down to 138 lbs. I then got pregnant and gained too much weight and have battled it ever since. I want to do weights too along with the treadmill and will start them at home. I would love to have a trainer; but the cost of the diet will be enough expense for me right now. After I am on maintenance, maybe I can do the weight training part at a gym near me (Fit Time for Women in Frankfort) and sculpt my body to what I can live with the rest of my life.

    Keep sending me the alerts so I can read your blogs and keep up my motivation. I will need it to get through this. I work full-time still; so, I have to work out in the evenings and weekends and it is Tax Season (Staff Accountant) and will be very busy in the coming months for me.

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