Babies on Board!

Anne —  July 24, 2013 — 3 Comments

Yep, it’s true.  There are now two pregnant Miss Fits!  I found out I was pregnant two days after our last weight lifting competition.  That means I was lifting PR’s in the deadlift and squat while unknowingly preggo….oops.   Kim wrote in her blog post about how the anxiety and fear of things going wrong quickly sets in once you realize what a huge task your body has at hand.  So true.  Being a pediatric nurse I have a lot of exposure to worst case scenarios.  Every day at work gives me more anxiety and reasons to believe that SO MANY things can go horribly wrong!   I wasn’t worried about the weights I had been lifting; I was in great shape and had been training smart.   My body was accustomed to lifting those kinds of weights.  Luckily our heavy lifting took a hiatus after the meet so the workouts we were doing were appropriate for me.  Eventually, I had to fess up to Jim once we started back at the heavier weights.  Once my workouts were modified it was difficult to keep the news from my fellow Miss Fits.  One particular deadlift day left Suzanne very suspicious.  She was lifting in the 300lb range while I was lifting in the 150lb range….not the usual.  Soon after that I had to the let the news break.


I have been lucky enough to feel pretty good through my first trimester.  I definitely didn’t feel like myself and had occasional days of queasiness but the fatigue-oh, the fatigue.  I thought I knew how tired felt but I have never been stopped dead in my tracks like I have been recently.  Usually I can power through sleepiness and be pretty high functioning on only a few hours of sleep.  Now my body gives me no option but to stop, lie down, and go to sleep.  Literally.  I have fallen asleep sitting up in a chair in the middle of the afternoon.  One afternoon I sat on the couch for a quick rest and woke up two hours later.  It’s amazing to me how your body just takes charge and forces you to do what it needs you to do. Between my fatigue, my move, and a short vacation my workouts definitely took a back seat for a few weeks.  Now, one week into my second trimester my energy is starting to come back and working out feels pretty good.  I’ve continued to do our usual power lifts of squat, bench, and deadlift; however, I have obviously decreased my weights by about 50%.  So far it feels good to lift and I hope to continue lifting to the bitter end.  I will just listen to my body and take it day by day.  I will admit it’s been a little bittersweet watching the other girls start to gear up for nationals in October.  While they are working towards PR’s in training and hoping to set some national records soon I’m working out at 50%…..a little bit boring for my competitive nature.


As far as my nutrition goes during this pregnancy I am going to try to stick to my “paleo-ish” template focusing on whole nutritious foods and minimizing processed foods.  My first trimester was free of morning sickness and vomiting, however, I had some MAJOR food aversions.  Man, are the food aversions powerful.  I couldn’t eat some things if I wanted to!  It was odd and annoying to me that some of my previously favorite foods now made my stomach churn at the thought of them.  Eggs, avocado, meat, and pretty much all vegetables were a no-go.  For someone whose diet is founded on meat and vegetables, this threw me for a loop.  The only thing I tolerated for the last several weeks of my first trimester was fruit, starchy veggies like sweet potatoes, cereal, and toast.  Yep, I fell off the gluten-free bandwagon, purely for survival.  Someone once described the first trimester to me as “survival mode” and that couldn’t be truer in my case.  Now that most of the initial queasiness and food aversions are subsiding I’m trying to re-focus on my previous diet habits.


I am so excited to share this journey with Kim and the rest of the Miss Fits.  We are surrounded by a great group of women who will support us and be our cheerleaders, even when we’re lifting only half of what we were once capable of.  I know they will all gather around us and help us through the next several months of major changes and they’ll be there in the end to babysit so that we can get back in the gym and start working on PR’s again!  But for now and the near future, I am happy to focus on keeping myself healthy and fit meanwhile cheering on the rest of our ladies at nationals in just a couple months!




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3 responses to Babies on Board!

  1. congrats! Cherish this time…it all goes so fast!! I miss being pregnant!

  2. Awesome post!!! ….. Pregnancy is an experience for sure. I remember feeling ZERO control over my body – like you said, ” your body takes charge and forces you to do what it needs you to do” – a very unsettling feeling!
    You’ll do great, and how nice to be working out at J & M, with so much expertise and support!

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