Avoid the Plague

Emily —  January 16, 2015 — Leave a comment

For those of you that avoided the horrible, long-lasting upper respiratory illness this past holiday season, I applaud you. Myself and several other Miss Fits came down with what we have lovingly named “The Plague” and it more than affected our gym time.

But in order to bounce back and hit the weights in a timely fashion it’s our mantra (and definitely Jim’s) to make rest and recovery top priority. Overdoing it in the gym when your body is already struggling to stay well can be counterproductive and in turn, affect your workout progress in the long run.

So don’t feel bad about skipping a day (or several) to take care of yourself. Here’s a great article with some suggestions followed by a few of our own tried and true recovery tips:


1. SLEEP. Good quality and more than normal.

2. Lots of fluids. Water and tea…avoid caffeine.

3. Bone broth and other nutrient dense foods. Avoid sugar.

4. Epsom salts baths.

5. If you are getting antsy, roll out, do a light warm-up and just walk.

We’re hoping you all stay healthy!!



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