A Puddle on the Deadlift Platform

Suzanne —  July 26, 2013 — 4 Comments

I’ve had two kids, so a bit of urinary “leakage” is not an unfamiliar experience for me. Not sexy, but true. My female friends assure me that I’m not alone. An unexpected sneeze, a strong cough, laughing too hard or too long (especially if being tickled), or any more than 10 consecutive jumping jacks are bad news. And my kids get all frowny-faced when I won’t jump on the trampoline with them. Until now, I would have never discussed this issue outside of my closest circle of female friends, but that was before. …

It was deadlift day—my favorite. Training intensity was increasing in preparation for my upcoming meet, so I knew the workout would likely be a challenge. After my usual warm-up, I started deadlifting for a few sets, increasing the weight until I reached my working weight for the day. I worked up to an easy set at 290, and Jim decided that rather than increase weight, we would add chain. This is a training technique that Jim uses because it allows me to get used to pulling heavier loads without wrecking me physically. We ended up adding 50 pounds of chain, totaling 340 at the top. Jim then instructed me to do 10 quick singles (aka, speed day) with about a 30 second reset in between each pull. And that’s when it happened.

I pissed my pants right there on the deadlift platform. And not just a little bit. I left a puddle. I was MORTIFIED.


Since then, the mortification has worn off, and I am able to laugh and joke at my own expense (and even write this blog). It was pretty funny when Jim handed me a roll of paper towels on my next deadlift day, saying, “Just in case.” I’ve also learned that some of the fittest women in the world have this problem too?!

I realize that the CrossFit video has taken some heat for minimizing what can be a serious health concern, and I get that. Too many women, myself included, have accepted peeing our pants as normal. So, while I appreciate the humor in the video and I continue to laugh at my own epic fail, I am now FINALLY taking steps to fix my own pelvic floor dysfunction. I don’t want it to be my normal anymore. With the expertise of my physical therapist—who specializes in pelvic floor issues—and my coach, I now include exercises as part of my warm-up that help me to engage my pelvic floor and strengthen my core. We have also made an easy and hopefully temporary accommodation with my deadlift training, which means I only pull conventional (how I pull in competition anyway). Because, let’s be real: Whether it’s a small leak or a puddle on the deadlift platform, it’s just not cool to pee your pants! Not to mention that I actually like jumping on the trampoline.


My son showing off on the trampoline while I’m on the sidelines, for now.

If you are interested in learning more about pelvic floor dysfunction and how to fix it, then I recommend this article: http://physiodetective.com/2013/06/27/crossfit-your-pelvic-floor-and-peeing-during-workouts/



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4 responses to A Puddle on the Deadlift Platform

  1. You should have your vitamin d levels checked… When I began taking a vitamin D – potassium – calcium- magnesium supplement my bladder issues of 30 years went away! I can laugh, sneeze, cough and even jump up and down without wetting myself. Check it out…

    • Suzanne

      I’m not sure how I missed your comment but I just saw it. Thank you and I will explore this possibility!


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