A Fantastic Work Out

Missy —  July 4, 2014 — 4 Comments

Here is a sample of the work out Jen and I did Thursday night. It kicked both of our asses!

Foam rolling

Dynamic warm up

Extended warm up:
-Inverted row
-50lb carry
-Goblet squat with a pause at the bottom while pushing out on your knees with your elbows
-deadlift with a kettle bell


The Work Out:

Bench press
-warm up with the bar
-3 sets of 5 reps
Box jump
-4 x 10

Let me just say that these are going to be a work in progress for me. Not my strong point for sure.

Shoulder mobility exercise
-4 x 10
One arm row
-4 x 10
Plate raise (front and lateral)
4 x 10

And for the grand finale…

Heavy prowler pull and push x 3

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4 responses to A Fantastic Work Out

  1. This FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What type of weight lifting do you recommend for pregnant women? I’ve lifted weights for many years prior to being pregnant. Thanks!

    • Jen

      Congratulations! We are so happy to hear about your pregnancy. We also are so proud of your commitment to lifting…it’s great. First and foremost, just remember that the most important advice comes from your physician and from yourself. You know your body and limitations better than anyone else. With that being said, here are a few tips from our trainer Jim and also from Kim and Anne, our two former Miss Fits that have trained during pregnancy.

      Jim says:

      – No lunges

      – No lifts wearing a weight belt

      – If you’re deadlifting, consider setting up sumo

      – Focus on upper body strength: lots of farmers carries and upper back work

      – Keep it simple; base intensity of your workouts on how you’re feeling and work within your current abilities

      Kim and Anne say:

      – Just remember that even on days when you’re feeling good your may not have the physical energy to get the work done in the gym…your body is working hard on taking good care of your baby, so don’t get discouraged.

      – Sometimes just getting in the gym, moving around and doing an extended warm up is all you need

      – Most importantly, just listen to your body and do what makes you feel good and what you feel capable doing

      Here is a link to a previous blog post Kim did on lifting and pregnancy: http://www.themissfits.com/lifting-and-pregnancy/
      Again, congrats and we hope this helps!

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