Emergency Speed Dial

Suzanne —  June 28, 2013 — 4 Comments

Taking a break from the gym can sometimes be exactly what I need in order to return to my training a few days later with improved energy and enthusiasm. I recently took a vacation and did little more than eat, sleep and lie by the pool. It was four glorious days, and I never saw the inside of a gym. It was a planned break and it was much deserved, immediately following my powerlifting meet, so I fully enjoyed it. However, for me, this is the exception, not the rule. When I’m traveling, I’m usually training.

In my previous blog, I talked about how I travel a lot. During these travels I am usually fortunate to be able to get to a gym. This was the case last year while on a beach vacation with my family. There was a gym nearby where we were staying so I purchased a one-week pass and worked out three mornings that week. Other times, it’s not as easy. I’ve been to my fair share of hotel fitness rooms that have nothing more than a couple of treadmills and an elliptical machine.

I am proud to say that in those situations, I’ve NOT been tempted to climb on those cardio machines and succumb to my old ways.  But I do admit that the first time I was faced with this dilemma, I quickly sent a panic alert to my coach, Jim: “What am I going to do?? Please help!!”

So, yes, Jim is my Batman. He saves me from the evil of both cardio AND pizza! (Just go with it, OK?)

Now, I recognize that most people don’t have a coach on emergency speed dial. I’m a lucky girl in that way. So, I asked Jim if he would help me do a video blog demonstrating a simple yet effective workout that can be done ANYWHERE. He agreed, and I hope you find it helpful the next time you feel like training but don’t have access to a gym! Stay Strong Friends!

Video disclaimer: When I first approached Jim with this video idea, my vision was a kick-your-own-ass kinda workout. Yeah, well … Jim had other ideas. His vision was to provide my readers with a workout that pretty much anyone can do regardless of fitness level. You will notice that even though I don’t really consider myself a beginner anymore, Jim points out several times that I have some work to do and that this workout will definitely help me to lift heavier. All I can say is that I trust him, so you can too.



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4 responses to Emergency Speed Dial

  1. Thanks so much for the video! I am still in the process of toning down my workouts and I will incorporate this into my plan!

    • Suzanne

      Cindy, You’re welcome! I’m glad you plan to incorporate it into your routine. It’s definitely the stuff that helps me.

  2. Your vacation sounds like the perfect balance of active rest, recovery, and relaxation. Congratulations and yay! Achieving that balance while traveling can be difficult. If I’m somewhere lovely, I try to go for a hike, swim, run, walk, etc. rather than hit the machines. But sometimes that’s not possible, so do-it-yourself workouts are the way to go.

    Thanks to you and Jim for the workout video, and to all the Miss Fits for your Awesomesauce blog. You gals (and Jim) ROCK!

    • Suzanne

      Thanks so much for your continued support! It’s so great to know that others relate to our stories.

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