5 Steps to Getting Back in the Game

Lizz —  July 18, 2014 — Leave a comment

I recently planned to take a week and a half off lifting to go to Haiti and vacation.  However, a mosquito bit me and I get really sick.  I mean, 104 degree fever, nausea, joint pain that made me feel 94 instead of 24.  It was rough. And honestly, the joint pain has taken weeks to heal as had the fatigue I’ve felt. It took me almost a month to get back to the gym.  Our training, our bodies, can get out of whack at any time.  So now that I’m feeling almost normal again, I’m back at the gym.  I wanted to share five things to remember (whether you’ve been sick or just taken a leave of absence from the iron) when getting back into the game.

1. Keep your diet on track.  It’s pretty simple really, keep to a clean diet that won’t make you feel guilty if you don’t work out.  If you’ve been inactive, a bad diet will make you feel even worse.  By keeping on track with nutrition, your first day in the gym won’t be driven by guilt, and your body will preform better for you.

2. Get back to the basics.  While I was sick, when my body started to recover, I began doing some mobility.  I would go through my corrective training, roll out, and do some light walking.  It felt great just to move around and get the joints functioning.

3. Don’t overdo it the first day back.  My first day back at the gym, I was chomping at the bit to LIFT! But Jim said “no ma’am”.  I did light dead lifts and barely broke a sweat.  But I felt good the next day.  The goal is to move forward, not backwards.

4. Drop the weights.  I squatted for the first time yesterday.  125×5 for four sets.  It sucked.  Full blown awful.  Not to mention, I wanted to see big weights on my bar.  But that workout left me feeling good, not too sore and again, I was moving forward.  Don’t worry about the weights, get your lift back on track and gradually up the weights as you feel better.

5. Have fun.



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