2 Legit 2 Quit

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Everything we do whether it’s professionally, personally, recreation or otherwise experiences peaks and valleys, but real strength comes down to what we do in those moments.  What path do we choose, what decisions do we make, and which foot goes in front of the other.  Strength training is like that, there are days when everything is in sync, every lift feels strong and confident, and the auxiliary work is smooth.  Those are the nights we walk out of the gym a little taller and stronger and if you’re me, wearing a superhero shirt of some kind, with a little swagger.  Then there are those “other” nights.  Those nights when lighter weight feels heavier and your body won’t connect with the simplest of auxiliary movements.  Those nights still include a superhero shirt, but are definitely absent superhero swagger.

Superhero swagger comes in all forms

Superhero swagger comes in all forms

Before our meet in October, we went shopping at the Outlet Mall, and upon entering one store, these most incredible MC Hammer pants were discovered….on the clearance rack.  Take one guess why they were on the clearance rack.  Well, since I would be the one member in the group who has not yet joined the world of yoga pants, my team thought these pants would be a nice transition.  There I stood in the store, looking at these pants that I know would take a lot of courage to even try on in the privacy of the fitting room, and I glance over to find Emily doing the Hammer dance.  Now THAT’s swagger!



There is a point to all this outside of the obvious fashion forward shopping experience.  Some days, when things feel a little heavier and we have a decision to make about which path we will take to dig deeper, we need a little something extra to feel “2 Legit 2 Quit”.  That something extra can be your team.  I DID try on those pants and, inspired by Emily’s dance, I told her she needed to buy a pair too.  So, yes, we both have matching Hammer pants much to our families’ chagrin.  The sales clerk even broke out into the Hammer Dance so if that isn’t impulse buying validation I don’t know what is!

When we both coordinated the day we were going to wear these pants to training, the greeting we gave one another was nothing short of comical.  We both had that look on our face….you know the one….eyebrows raised, not blinking, looking immediately to see if the other person actually followed through and wore the pants or if it was a set up.  After laughing through the pain, we realized (aside from the fact that you “Can’t Touch This”) these crazy looking pants were amazingly comfortable.  Comfort within discomfort…..interesting.

Seriously......You Can't Touch This....

Seriously……You Can’t Touch This….

Those days that feel heavier, slower, and uncomfortable, find the comfortable within, and don’t be afraid to draw upon the strength of your team (and really cool Hammer pants too of course).  Competency and mastery come in many different forms and while that’s our goal with each lift, Monday doesn’t always look and feel like Tuesday.  Some days we bring more stress from work with us, more stress from home with us, the flu, less sleep, all sorts of things affect Tuesday different from Monday and so on.   There is not just strength in the individual but also in the team.   Be open to the strength from your team (buy the Hammer pants when your teammate goes out of their way to perform in the store), and give strength to your team.  On YOUR stronger days, do the Hammer dance so someone else can find their strength…their swagger.

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