Gratitude is Attitude

Kim —  March 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

Do you see what I see?…..Take a moment to “see” each of my fellow MissFits through an attitude of gratitude.

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Pave Your Path to Prosperity

Kim —  March 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

Honor adversity, reach through adversity, learn from adversity………this becomes our anthem, our call to action.

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Maintenance Work

Lizz —  March 19, 2015 — Leave a comment

So I’ve got three months until I’m married, and off to Hawaii where Dave is stationed with the army.  I don’t really feel like I need to kick it into “boot camp” mode or anything, but I am being really intentional in a few areas.  Here are some of the things I’m keeping in mind the next 10 weeks as I prepare to walk down the aisle:

  • I’m sticking to my constants in my daily routine that have been good to me.  Coffee for breakfast, protein, veggies, lots of water, occasionally fruit or sweet potatoes, dark chocolate and a probiotic for my sensitive tummy.  Jill from JillFit recommends a BAS (big ass salad) daily, this is something I modify and go for to create an easy, filling and nutritious lunch.
  • I’m walking on off days from training.  Planning a wedding and relocating and dealing with the military is STRESSFUL.  Walking is my time to clear my head, especially with the nice weather.
  • Training is staying right with the Miss Fits and Gym Laird girls.  I’m not afraid of bulking up or getting “swole” for my wedding.  My body hasn’t looked manly the last four years of lifting, I doubt that will change the next three months.  Give me the heavy weights!
  • When you get engaged, people LOVE to give you sugar.  It’s like the battle wasn’t hard enough.  I’m practicing and exercising self control.  And when that fails, I get over it, and maybe push the prowler a few times to get my blood flowing :)

I’m all about maintaining my body, that’s the beauty of making fitness and nutrition a lifestyle.  If you’re looking for an excuse to change to a healthy lifestyle, just do it! In the long run, it pays off.  You get one body, love it and take care of it.

Training! … For a wedding

Lizz —  March 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

Engaged, I’m pretty excited.  I’m not going to lie, the idea of throwing on a white dress, walking down the aisle towards my man, surrounded by family and friends makes me excited.  And kind of nervous.  Not because of David, but because I don’t love to have all eyes on me like that.

We’ve said this so many times as Miss Fits, having a healthy lifestyle is for more than being able to lift heavy weights.  It’s for more than looking good in a bikini or in front of the mirror, it goes deeper than that.

As someone who has wrestled with self esteem and self worth most of my life, a healthy lifestyle that I’ve adopted means I didn’t start to panic the minute I decided to have a short engagement.

“How will I ever fit into a wedding dress? And look good in it?!”.  “What about my wedding night, will my husband find me attractive??”.  “There’s the whole honeymoon thing on the beach, I need to drop ten pounds to feel even remotely comfortable!”.

These are thoughts that just haven’t crossed my mind like they may have a five years ago.  It’s not because I think I have what the media would consider a perfect body.  It’s not because I’m a gym addict or nutrition junkie.  It’s because I’ve found a balance in my diet, exercise and body.  There’s a lot of freedom in that, especially if you’ve battled hating the person you look at in the mirror.

I’m excited to get married, and I’m excited that the person standing in the wedding dress is happy with her body, proud of her body, grateful for her body.  She’s strong.  She’s imperfect.  She’s had her ups and downs.  And she’s probably had a cupcake or two leading up to that moment that she doesn’t feel guilty about.

I hope you’ll join me over the next three months as I train with my Miss Fits for their meet and my wedding.  Some of you may be surprised to find that our training doesn’t look that different.  Thursday, I’ll share some nutrition things I’ve been sticking to and some a little about the training I’ll be maintaining as I get ready for June 7th!

Dave and I just after getting engaged.

Dave and I just after getting engaged.



I went back and looked at our past meet post and the numbers we all posted. The excitement is building….

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Ready To Get To It

Missy —  March 10, 2015 — Leave a comment

Not that we are going to let this stinking snow get us down by any means. I mean, it’s almost time for our training to start for a much anticipated powerlifting meet.

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